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Let's go bois! Fight against 100 other players in a giant open-world map: be the last one alive to win the match!
WASD or ARROWS: move
MOUSE: aim
LEFT-CLICK: shoot / attack
R: reload
RIGHT-CLICK or Q: zoom
SPACE: jump
1,2,3,4,5: switch weapon
E: open inventory
F: pickup items
You can also drag the weapon in one of your 5 shortcuts in the bottom to switch your weapons faster (keyboard: 1,2,3,4,5) depending on the combat type.
First you will spawn randomly somewhere in the lobby above the map, try to reach where you want to drop when the match starts. To make it more enjoyable, the pre-match is also like a regular .io game: there is a leaderboard, try to get the biggest killstreak to get #1. When the match starts the leaderboard will disapear and the regular battle royale rules will apply.
-RULE #1: You do not talk about BOIS.io
-RULE #2: You DO NOT talk about BOIS.io
-RULE #3: get inside the cube
First walk around and try to find good weapons as soon as possible because encountering other players will be dangerous! Loot the weapons that you find and open your inventory to use the weapon by clicking on it and then clicking in "Use". You can also drag the weapon in one of your 5 shortcuts in the bottom to switch your weapons faster (keyboard: 1,2,3,4,5) depending on the combat type.
How to fight other players
The best way to fight other players is to firstly hide until you get at least one good gun with enough ammo to be ready for the fight! When you're escaping shots at you, try to move and jump as much as possible, it will make it a lot harder for other players to hit you. Once you found a gun, your fighting strategy will depend on the type of gun that you're using:
Pistol: If you didn't find any gun and still using the pistol you're starting with, try to hit headshots with as few bullets as possible, it will take 2 bullets in the head and 3 to the body to win against your opponent.
Shotgun: Shotguns are powerful at closed-range but weak at high range. Don't take too much time to aim because the bullets will spread, and try to it the high part of the body. One downside of the shotgun is it will take a long time to reload. So keep that in mind when you're in a fight.
Double barrel shotgun: Like his brother, the double-barrel shotgun is really powerful at close range, what makes it different is you can shoot 2 bullets almost instantly. So you can do the double the damage as a regular shotgun in the same amount of time.
Sniper: If you have a sniper, try to hide and stay away as most as possible from other players. Then scope to zoom and take your time to hit your shot: if another player is running and didn't see you, don't rush and wait for him to slow-down or pick an item as he will stand still and it will be easier to hit him. A sniper will eliminate your enemy with 1 hit in the head and 2 hits in the body and the snipers in bois.io doesn't have bullet drop, they hit directly where you aim.
Magnum: The magnum is a very powerful gun and it will eliminate other players by hitting them 1 time only, anywhere on the body. It is powerful but hard to aim, you have no scope and it has a big kick, so take your shots slowly. The magnum will also be a lot more accurate than the shotgun at high range.
M4: The M4 is one of the most powerful guns of the game because it has a scope, low kick, is highly accurate, is fully automatic and has a fast reloading. Aim at other players and hold the trigger, it will kick a bit then stabilize and it will be easy to hit your target.
AK-47: The AK-47 does more damage than the M4 but it has no scope and kicks a lot more so it will be harder to aim with it. Try to send small burst of bullets instead of holding the trigger.
Once you win a fight, the enemy will drop his backpack, it will contains all the items that he/she looted! So you will get stronger and stronger every time you win a fight.
There are cars around the map! They will be really useful to get somewhere faster. Some areas of the map have better loots so if you find a car, get in it and get to those hot areas, but be careful, people will try to chase you and steal your car and the areas will be packed with a lot of players fighting for loots. Better have a teammate in the passenger seat of the car to shoot players around, and have a good yourself to shoot while driving.
How to control the car
Controlling the car will be a bit hard at the beginning but if you keep practicing you will become a pro racer! The biggest mistake you can make is hold the throttle the whole time you're driving, especially when there's lot of trees and obstacles around, don't hold the gaz! The car will flip really easily so try to stay on even ground and not hit stuff with your wheels. If you flip the car, don't panic, just get out and renter in it, it will automatically flip itself and be ready to drive again.
Other features
Cars have multiple seats and you can still use your wea


Let's go bois! Fight against 100 players in a giant map Battle Royale .IO game like PUBG: be the last one alive to win the match!

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